Summation of Car-Kai-Ryu

Flying x block avoiding stick powerfully blocking

Car-Kai-Ryu Karate of Thomasville

An Outreach of Timothy Grant Carter & Justin Boyd Fields


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Christ is in the center of our patch because He is in the center of our hearts. We are unapologetically Christ centered and emphasize a high standard of moral teaching. And spiritual character which we sometimes acknowledge through “spirit of excellence” awards.

 Learning to tense the body suddenly and with great tension and emphasis at the correct moment can generate terrific power. Few people ever pool all of their resources and strengths into a single moment, much less a single second. yet this is the goal of good Shotokan. 

Tim Carter "Slam" & Justin Fields ; Sensei & Instructor

Sensei: Tim Carter "Slam" & Instructor: Justin Fields

5th Degree Sensei & Black Belt Instructor

Quality Instruction - Healthy Positive Direction

Tim & Justin care about each student. Good Thinking is integrated into every lesson in The Dojo Kun! 1-Seek Perfection of Character, 2-Be Faithful, 3-Endeavor, 4-Respect Others, 5-Refrain from violent behavior.